electro - technical calibration

voltage, current & Resistance

Volt meter, Ampere meter, MA/ MV Meter, Clamp Meter, Resistance Meter, Insulation Tester, Pin Hole Tester, Relay Tester, Earth Resistance Meter, Wheatstone Bridge, Kelvin Bridger Cut-Through Tester, PT/Shunt, Servo controlled CT, and many more
Inductance & capacitance
Capacitance Meter, Inductance Meter, Decade Inductance Box, Decade Capacitance Box, etc.
frequency, time & RPM
Tachometer, Anemometer, Signal Generator, Frequency Counter, etc.
Watt Meter, Power/ Energy Meter, Power Factor

measuring instruments

Sound Level Meter, Lux Meter, Digital Multimeter, LCR Meter, Multifunction Calibrator, etc.
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