Why Us ?

Calibration Challenges

AT INDIANA, we endeavor to provide accurate and reliable results and total customer satisfaction,

  1. By having quality systems that are ISO 9001 compliant, and we have earned a wide scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we serve. Our documented, audited and internally monitored quality management systems exceed ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. We deliver services that you can trust.
  2. By offering our customers a One Stop Shop to all their testing and calibration needs. We provide testing and calibrations for a broad array of disciplines and instruments. This expertise reduces the number of vendors required to meet your needs and simplifies purchasing and vendor maintenance for your company. With a single source for your calibration needs, you can acquire services quicker and easier.
  3. By offering a choice of services: pick-up and delivery, service at your site, or shipping to and from our labs. Our flexibility in service delivery means greater efficiency and less disruption to your business and processes.
  4. By Identifying Test/Calibration needs and devote time for tests/calibrations.
  5. By providing knowledge related to test/calibration cycle, test/calibration process and accredited laboratories.
  6. By regularly get the master/reference equipment calibrated and maintain ideal environment for it.
  7. By Testing/Calibrating the equipment that do not have a set procedure with first principles.
  8. imparting regular training to our testing/calibration technicians/engineers.
  9. By providing valid and accurate measurements using updated standards having unbroken chain of traceability to National and International Standards.
  10. Our broad range of repair services saves you the time and inconvenience of sending your test and measurement equipment to multiple places. And we can provide an accredited calibration for your repaired instrument, too. Convenient, cost effective, and FAST!

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