• How do I contact customer service?
    Just call your local Customer Service Representive
  • Do you require a P.O. or Request Letter before any work can be scheduled?
    Yes, we do require a purchase order for an On-Site Calibration prior to the technician coming to your facility. A P.O. is also required for calibration performed in our lab and before having your equipment picked up by us or delivered at our lab.
  • What are your payment terms?
    100% Advance against proforma invoice.
  • Do you have a price list?
    We do not have a published list, however, you can call customer service and they can supply you with the pricing that you need.
  • Can you help me to select what testing or calibration will meet my needs?
    Definitely. Our customer service people we guide you through the process. We are not interested in selling testing /calibration which will not fulfill your business needs. When we ask "Why are you doing testing or what is the calibration criteria?" it is because we want to make sure that our tests will answer the questions that you have instead of just giving you a test result.
  • Can you send me a copy of a specification?
    Unfortunately a majority of the specifications and test methods we work with are copyrighted and we cannot distribute copies. Copies of most test  
    methods can be purchased from sources such as www.bis.org, www.astm.org, www.sae.org, www.ansi.org, www.asme.org, and www.iso.org.
  • How does ISO/IEC 17025 compare with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485?
    ISO/IEC 17025 includes the quality system requirements of ISO 9001 and is similar to ISO 13485. ISO/IEC 17025 contains additional requirements to  demonstrate that the laboratory is technically competent and able to produce technically valid data and results.