Indiana offers consultancy services for the following: offers consultancy services for the following:

  1. Re-engineering of components
    To have an effective indigenous development, the components are studied for various characteristics and the customers are given guidance on selection of suitable raw material, choice of suitable processes and the parameters to be checked for effective development. For eg. in the choice of processes of an engineering component, we give guidance on the machining, heat treatment, grinding and also surface coating processes where necessary. This study is made on metallic, rubber, plastic and also on composite materials.
  2. Assistance in procurement of quality raw material
    INDIANA undertakes the responsibility of inspecting the material at site and at the place of vendors. INDIANA stamps the material, draws samples, carries out the necessary tests and then instructs the vendor to dispatch only passing/acceptable materials.
  3. Failure Analysis studies
    INDIANA is specialized in carrying out failure analysis of failed components or equipment in working. A team of experts in the panel at INDIANA, having experience in diversified fields carry out such investigations and submit reports to the customer giving the root cause of failure along with necessary improvements to be made for avoiding such failures
  4. Welding
    INDIANA has a team of experts in welding who guide industries on their problems faced in welding. They also guide people on developing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Welding Procedure Qualification (WPQ), and Welder Qualification (PQR).
    Further training of welders / welding inspectors are imparted by these technical personnel on specific areas as per the customer requirements.
  5. Metallurgy
    INDIANA has guided many industries on their metallurgical problems from melting, casting to rolling, forging and heat treatment.
    Our expertise is available for the above.
  6. Quality Management System
    INDIANA has team of qualified auditors for ISO-9000, ISO-14000, IS- 17025 standards and has experience of many accreditation audits. INDIANA guides various industries for their system implementation.